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More examples of fictional blogs

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  • Crime Scene, by James Wallis. Seriously cool network of 5 blogs which provide backstory for an educational game, Crime Scene, funded by the UK Home Office.




Paul Ford -- you probably already know who he is. He was part of the Plain Layne feedback loop. Gary Benchley, Rock Star. He'd be a great success story to feature:



Josh Allen -- I don't think I've ever talked with him, but he's another brand name and his writing is stellar. He's published all over the damn place, although mostly online. I can't get enough of his current novel-in-progress:



Alex Golub -- anthro Ph.D. who teaches at U-Hawaii now, good sense of humor about the Plain Layne thing, wrote an incredibly funny and inventive online blognovel called "Andrew Huff and The Pool of Lost Souls". I bet he'd have a ton of fascinating cultural observations, but not "in the business" per se:




Links from Yoz


How do these blogs fit in?



  • Bloggus Caesari - imagined blog by Julius Caesar based on real historical events
  • The Pillow Blog (now gone) - translation of the Japanese classic into an English blog style, by Simon Cozens
  • Achewood character blogs (see down page, right hand column) - blogs created by Achewood characters, some supporting existing plot threads and others creating totally new ones, all by the author
  • Perplex City character blogs - created by the writers of the game, and containing vital clues to the puzzle while also being entertaining fiction

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