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Outline of talk

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Intersections of blogs and fiction

Fiction and hoaxes are:


- on a spectrum of truth, openness, and secrecy with no clear ethical line

- on a spectrum of depth, thickness, messiness





  • Identity experiments, lies, and hoaxes
    • (in book publishing: JT Leroy, Nasidjj)
    • essjay, Wikipedia editor/ theology professor persona
    • Satire (Kat Herding)
    • Mixtures of truth and fiction (Zellar, magical realism, alternate reality)
    • Infiltration in depth. msscribe and her sockpuppet network is a brilliant example
    • theater-like creations (lonelygirl15)
    • Benjamin Franklin's advice column written as a housewife


  • Marketing
    • Product promotion (the infamous psp2 blog)
    • Fake reviews. EU law against falsely representing as consumer
    • Authors
    • Books or series TemeraireWiki
    • Publishers
    • Movies



    • Complexity, multiplicity, many diverging stories
    • Intersections of fictional universes
    • Developed its own literary conventions, techniques, criticism




Ideas to keep in mind:


Social contracts in rpg theory.

Consensuality, fanfic warnings

Authenticity violations

Arrogation of community, identity, "representing".

Cultural appropriation. Members of dominant culture speaking for others in a way that is more palatable to the dominant culture than the voices of those others.

Postmodern construction of identity, authenticity

We are capable of deep relationships to fictional characters

Multiple instances of a persona or a character are possible and good

Depth of world-building

Lessons to learn from alternate reality, role-playing games, larps

Open source fiction!

Real life social networks should provide space for fictional layers

Establish deep online presence. Sleepers and moles.

Online annotated maps for fictional worlds and cities

Who owns hermionegranger@twitter will become an IP issue

Networks will build of fictional, historical characters in relation to each other & us


Liz: Memoir writing is testimony. We write testimony before an imaginary courtroom of witnesses, something that was made suddenly clear to me by listening to Beatrice Sarlo talk about testimony and memoir in Argentina, in the Dirty War. When our belief in one person's testimony is destroyed, it violates a sort of social contract, and all testimony is undermined, and I believe that to be the worst and strongest effect of this kind of lie. See Sisela Bok, __Lying__.




Corporations, publishers and content producers are and will be doing this.

Try new models for commercializing fiction and fictional worlds

We need more monetization models

If you're astroturfing or a sockpuppet, you'll be caught eventually. "Name and shame."

So keep it consensual. No outright lies. Articulate social contracts.

And do it with artistry and style so you don't get mocked. Treat it as an art form.

Hire novelists, role-playing gamers, playwrights, screenwriters, and bloggers as professional identity-constructors and world-constructors.

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